At Harvest Church we believe what the bible says about being not just hearer's but doers. Because of this, we are very active both at home and around the world. We support many missionaries and projects around the world and are very involved in the community. We have many events and opportunities to be involved in.

One of our 8 core values that make HC who we are is SERVE. We say it like this: 

We GET to serve our church, our community, and our WORLD.

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The Bicket Family

Jason and Catrina Bicket are missionaries from Harvest Church. They meet here, married here, started their lives here, and now we support them because they are family!

The Bicket family is excited to have the opportunity to reach the people of Peru, from the crowded metropolis of Lima, through the rugged Andes mountain region, and into the Amazon jungle. The heart of their family and ministry is to know God as best they can and help others do the same. With this in mind, the Bickets will focus on both evangelizing the lost and planting new churches, utilizing methods such as street evangelism, children’s ministry, and small groups. Thank you for joining their ministry team through your prayers and support.

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