Our Goal:

To Equip and Empower

Here at Harvest Church our goal is to Equip and Empower people to live out a life of victory through Jesus and to take his gosple around the world!

Stop By Our Connection Center

When you visit Harvest Church make sure you stop by our Connection Center and fill out a guest card. After you do we have a FREE gift for you! We also have more information on Harvest Church and how to get connected.

HC App

The best resource we have so you can know exactly what is going on at HC and to sign up for events is to download the App. 

A Few of Our Ministries & Harvest Circles

  • Harvest Circles

    Our circles are made so that everyone can be involved. We offer bible studies, outreach, and circles that just do life together. Some circles meet weekly, while others meet monthly. Stop by the Connection Center to find a circle that works for  you.

  • Harvest Students united

    Our goal is to teach the bible in a practical way so the students can live it out daily. We want to be the best example of Jesus to this world!

  • Harvest Kids

    This ministry is for kids birth-5th grade. We have classes during our Sunday morning 10am worship service and Wednesday nights at 7pm

Who We Are

Harvest Church is built on a core set of what we call WHO WE ARE. These are the core values that steer HC in the direction that God has for us. 

We are in a 7 week series called ihaeartharvest. Each week we are reveling one core value.

Unity- We each do our part to keep unity in our speech, in our actions, and in our attitudes. 

(Psalms 133)



Office Hours:

Monday-Thursday 10am-4pm